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Thinking of including our Open House in your plans for this weekend? Here are a few important details you should know…

Our building isn’t quite a brewery… yet
We took over the vacant space at 36 Wagstaff Drive just a couple of weeks ago and have had a few people tell us recently that they’re excited for our “big grand opening” this weekend. While we’re also pretty psyched for the open house, we wanted to clarify that the event is less of an opening and more of a “Come see our big funky warehouse, taste the beer and meet your neighbours” get together, but that would have been too long to write on the poster. We still have about a year’s worth of work ahead of us to transform the space into our brewery, so if you’re expecting stainless steel tanks, a fancy canning machine or any building finishes from this century, you will quite likely be disappointed. On the other hand, if you too get excited about seeing cool old industrial buildings, drinking tasty beer, eating delicious food and chatting with your neighbours, you will be in very good company.

Pretend like it’s 1992 and bring cash
While we do have walls, doors, most windows, running (cold) water, electricity, and heat as of today (yay!), we do not yet have ATMs or credit/debit processing equipment. We cannot stress enough that this is a strictly CASH ONLY event. We’ll be selling beers for $5, snacks for $2 and a great assortment of merchandise from our Fan Shop. Our friends from the ever-delicious Big House Pizza will be selling slices of their creative pies for $4, including slices of a specialty pizza made with our beer. The nearest ATMs are blocks away at Danforth/Greenwood and Gerrard/Greenwood.

Don’t drive
Since you’re presumably coming to drink beer, please walk, take the TTC or grab a cab. If you or someone in your group must drive, you should know these three things; 1) Limited parking can be found along Greenwood Ave. and some other neighbouring residential streets, 2) We are the new kids on the block and would hate to peeve off our new neighbours by having guests parked in or blocking their driveways. Please only park in designated areas. And by far the most important, 3) Please do not drink and drive.

We can’t wait to see you!
We’re looking forward to seeing and meeting all of you and to sharing our new space with you. It’s looking like it might be a busy day, so we definitely recommend coming early. Doors open at 1:45 and beer will be flowing by 2:00 p.m.

See you there!
Mark & Mandie


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