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This weekend we got the keys to the building at 36 Wagstaff Drive that will become our eventual brewery. While still just a big, empty warehouse with our pennants hanging from the rafters and our sign in the front window, it feels amazing to finally have a place to call our own. Tons of behind-the-scenes work has begun to start retrofitting the space for our brewery.

Response from the local community to the news that we’ll be setting-up shop in Leslieville has been amazing. We’re so looking forward to meeting many new friends and neighbours at our upcoming Open House on February 22nd.

A few local area residents and business owners were kind enough to provide their thoughts on the news and we couldn’t help but share;

“I just found out that Left Field will be moving into the east end of Toronto; sweet!  I have been serving Left Field’s Eephus since I opened my neighbourhood pub/bistro last year and it is our most popular and unique brew. Having an actual brewery (especially such a good one) a hop, skip and a jump from the front door of my east-end eatery is wonderful. Welcome to the neighbourhood guys!”
– Robert S. Maxwell, Beech Tree Public House

This is the best thing to happen to the east end since it was one of Toronto’s most popular travel destinations in the 1800s. … The folks at Left Field have managed to brew in Cambridge and haul ass all the way here to keep us stocked with their great beer all while looking for this location. Now that it’s around the corner to us, we can’t help but dance around in our underwear singing Bob Seger songs into a hairbrush at the prospect of pouring Left Field brews of all kinds on a regular basis.
– Fabian Skidmore, The Only Cafe

“We couldn’t be happier to hear that Left Field Brewery is going to be our new neighbour. Wagstaff Drive is slowly turning into a true artisan destination, now home to a fine tea merchant, a specialty coffee roaster and now a craft brewery.”
– Rob Wilkin, Pilot Coffee Roasters

“Our pals at Left Field make some tasty beers so we’re super excited they’re calling the east side home, just around the corner from us.”
– Dennis Kimeda, The Wren

If you’re planning to join us on the 22nd, please let us know by joining the event on Facebook.

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