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Meet the Team

  • Hailing from Brampton, Ontario, Mark Murphy has been an avid baseball player and fan since his t-ball days. Usually found coaching or playing third base, some of Mark’s favourite beer styles include saisons and IPAs. Mark left his past life as a Chartered Accountant and worked his way through the brewing industry’s farm system. After graduating from Niagara College’s inaugural brewing program and working for Canada’s largest brewery, he opened Left Field Brewery with Mandie in 2013.



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  • Originally from Brampton, Ontario, Mandie now lives and works in the East End of Toronto where she co-founded the Left Field Brewery in 2013 together with her partner Mark. At Left Field, Mandie oversees Sales, Marketing, HR and Operations. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Craft Brewers Association. In her free time away from the brewery, she can be found snagging ground balls at second base, scorekeeping the game, hiking the Bruce trail or kayaking to the Toronto Islands.



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  • Hailing from beautiful St. John’s, Newfoundland, Dan has spent most of his life on the island. While not a baseball fan, he prefers spending a few hours making pizza from scratch and sipping on a beer (preferably a Berliner Weisse, Flanders Red or lambic). Dan is a former conservation biologist and avid hiker/mountain biker/snowboarder and once spent three summers living in a tent in the mountains of Northern Labrador collecting data.



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  • Hailing from Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Amanda started her craft beer career with Left Field in 2015 when our tap room bar was plywood and we had no tables.  Amanda grew up watching and playing sports, and is particularly fond of scorekeeping, a skill her grandfather taught her as a child.  Amanda’s favourite style is berliner-weisse (don’t forget the woodruff!), but can always go for a crushable Ice Cold Beer. When Amanda isn’t at the brewery (and even when she is) she is busy being a Mom! 




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  • Tyson hails from the wonderful, used-to-be small town of Bowmanville, Ontario. While a former first baseman in his younger years, he is always up to the challenges of any sport. Having worked in the craft beer industry for several years, he enjoys the regional versatility of saisons and the unique characteristics that come with that style. Tyson is an avid concert-goer and proposed to his fiancé at Riot Fest in 2015.


    Retail Sales Manager

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  • Growing up in a small town in Norfolk County, Merissa always felt drawn to the city and finally made her way here after living in Oshawa while she studied Design. Merissa began her career in small marketing firms as a well-rounded team player, picking up new skills and leading her on the path to Left Field. In her spare time, Merissa is an avid home baker and is learning to throw pottery.


    Marketing Manager

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  • Born and raised in Malvern, Ontario, Kevin left the automotive repair industry, pursuing his passion for quality craft beer through a position on the Left Field roster. A ballplayer since the age of four, you can find Kevin on the base path, stretching singles into triples. His ideal paring is 1000+ ft of skiable powder, fresh beer and pizza. When not milling, packaging or graining-out, Kevin is a taste panel all-star with a nose for off-flavours. He’s also been known to spontaneously cut a rug.

    Kevin W


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  • Born in East York and raised in Scarborough, Pat is a chemical engineer who has worked in a variety of jobs, from a bike shop to Toronto Hydro. When he’s not busy on the production floor, you can find him in the stands with a beer, preferably a Berliner Weisse or Oud Bruin. 



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  • Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Alex is a former English Teacher turned Production Assistant with a passion for home brewing, playing bass and 80s action flicks. He also collects snow globes from all over the world and his favourite beer is a toss-up between Hefeweizen and ESB. You can catch Alex working hard on the production floor wearing many hats to help keep the brewery organized and production running smoothly. ⁣


    Production Assistant

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  • Hauling kegs around the city with a smile, Tory is our super-outgoing man-about-town. He’s a YouTube Auto-Tune rap sensation and a fashion entrepreneur. A country boy who once lived in the Miss Vickie’s (potato chips) barn, Tory has recently come to love big city living and finds his way around the streets of T.O. like a pro.



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  • Our favourite American import, Caitlin hails from Lansing, Michigan. While not a ballplayer, she’d much rather take in the game with a beer in hand than hit the field. Caitlin enjoys an array of IPAs and cruising around the city on her roller skates. In her spare time, she can be found doing a variety of different needle crafts or working on a cross stitch or needlepoint project for her small business.



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  • Originally from Markham, Kevin is a craft beer fanatic and home brewer who has pretty much worked every job from tech journalist to dog walker. He enjoys saisons, sours and any style with bright tropical, citrus flavours.  When he’s not out taking care of our east end licensee partners, or DJing house music, you can find him in the stands taking in a ball game (or subbing in at catcher).

    Kevin P


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  • Born and raised in Toronto, Sav is a former outfielder and rookie ball coach with a passion for IPAs and a newfound love for sours. Her career as a ballplayer was sidelined suddenly by a cake decorating injury, but that doesn’t stop her from cooking up delicious BBQ for family and friends – or obsessing over Tom Cruise and indie horror flicks.


    Sales Support Representative - Retail

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  • Hailing from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Danielle is a former high school pitching legend turned beer league third base superstar. When she’s not at the brewery, you can find her camping and portaging or immersed in the competitive backgammon circuit – all while sipping on tasty IPAs or saisons.


    Brand Experience Coordinator

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  • Hailing from Perth, Ontario, Tye is the meanest shortstop this side of the DVP. From working on his family’s chicken farm to becoming our all-star delivery driver, you can find him dropping off fresh beer to your favourite bars and restaurants all over the city. When he’s not on the road, Tye enjoys building kegerators and sipping on IPAs and sour ales – but his real weak spot is a well-made porter. 


    Delivery & Customer Service

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  • Hailing from far-off Glasgow, Scotland, Paul is a one-time cricket player turned outfielder who prefers funky saisons, New England IPAs and creating wild home brew – like his signature chalet dipping sauce Pale Ale. Originally working in the field of corporate business analysis, Paul can now be found delivering Left Field favourites to Taps all over the city!



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  • Headshot and bio coming soon!


    Delivery & Customer Service

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  • Growing up in Barrie, Angie made a lot of trips to Toronto for concerts and bubble tea. She chose to move to the city to study Electronics Engineering and work in automotive maintenance. She ended up taking a bartending job which started her passion for beer and cocktails and she has been in the industry for 5 years. Angie is a mom to a toddler who keeps her very busy!


    Tap Room & Bottle Shop Team Member

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  • With over 20 years of experience in retail, customer service, and food & beverage, it’s no wonder Kristine landed at Left Field. It only seems appropriate with her 14 years bartending at the Rogers Centre and love for beer. In her spare time, she’s out enjoying nature, exploring the city, or relaxing with a book. Kristine enjoys cooking, baking, and is obsessed with plants! She is also a Big Sister volunteer!


    Tap Room & Bottle Shop Team Member

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  • A born and raised Toronto kid, Austen grew up in the east end not far from Left Field. When he’s not at the brewery, Austen is a fashion photographer. He enjoys a good IPA, with great company.


    Tap Room & Bottle Shop Team Member

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  • Born in Toronto, Jason grew up mostly in Trinidad and Tobago and moved back to Toronto after getting his degree. He spent several years working at film festivals and in theaters before coming to Left Field. When not at the brewery he is usually either scouring local bookstores and libraries for new science fiction novels or working on his writing.


    Tap Room & Bottle Shop Team Member

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  • Wrigley

    Head of security and customer relations

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