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    We made it! Runnin' through the 613 with my Beaus #beausoktoberfest #LFBinVKH #squadgoals
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    Reminder – Reduced hours this weekend.Tap Room: CLOSEDBottle Shop: 12 – 6 pmTeam Left Field will be heading out to #beausoktoberfest for a little weekend getaway. #LFBinVKH
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    We're so ready for you, postseason! Bottle Shop is full again for the first time in a long time. #bluejays #ALeastchamps #waited22years
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    Today's #magicnumber is 1#clinchday
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    It's only Monday and we're already looking forward to this weekend. #LFBinVKH #beausoktoberfest
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    #ONCASK in the Tap Room today & tomorrow only.
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    Great fans unite around great beer. Come cheer with us this weekend! BOTTLE SHOP / Eephus, Maris* TAP ROOM / Eephus, Maris*, Nitro Maris*, Grandstand
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    Packed house tonight! #meaningfulbaseball #comeTOgether #goodbeerforall #tbw2015
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    Summer in a glass is back – one day only! Come celebrate @torontobeerweek with us. #sunlightpark #goodbeerforall #crawlthedanny
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    This weekend's starting lineup:BOTTLE SHOP > Maris* bottles & Eephus cansTAP ROOM > Eephus, Nitro Eephus, Maris* & Grandstand
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    For 3 days only, in celebration of @torontobeerweek, we'll be hosting brewery tours at 36 Wagstaff Drive. Tours begin each day at 6 p.m.- Monday September 21- Tuesday September 22- Wednesday September 23Ticket includes guided tour, 16oz beer & souvenir cup. No ticket required for Jays vs Yankees games. Link in profile
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    Nitro Eephus – this delightful treat is only available on tap here at the brewery. This weekend in the Bottle Shop: Grandstand hoppy wheatOn Tap: Eephus, Nitro Eephus, Maris*, Grandstand
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    This weekend in the Bottle Shop : Eephus & Grandstand This weekend in the Tap Room : Eephus, Nitro Eephus, Maris* & Grandstand. Saturday & Sunday one-off casks TBAOpen every day, including Monday, 12-9pm
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    Excited to announce that our first September call-up, Grandstand hoppy wheat is now officially available in the Bottle Shop and Tap Room. 5.5% ABV, 40 IBU650mL bottles – no deposit
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    Sending out a few cases of Eephus today.
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    Grandstand hoppy wheat now pouring #ONCASK in the Tap Room. Bottles and draught coming soon.
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    Big news! Grandstand Hoppy Wheat launches here in the Tap Room this Saturday and Sunday.
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    Head of security, @leftfieldwrigley watching over yesterday's big delivery. #nationaldogday #bestguarddog
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    Tight fit but we got them standing. #growingabrewery
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    Good morning, beautiful. #growingabrewery

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15th September, 2015


For 3 days only, in celebration of Toronto Beer Week, we’re hosting brewery tours at 36 Wagstaff Drive.

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