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    Another CBC in the books. We'll miss you, Portland. #CBC15 #CBC15PDX
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    Meet Tory, the latest all-star addition to our team roster. Find him all over town, delivering beer and taking care of our awesome accounts.
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    #tbt to when our Tap Room looked like this. Open for another Pop-Up Shop this weekend. Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 1-9pm. 36 Wagstaff Drive. Maris* and Resin Bag in the fridge. 6 beers on tap. #throwbackthursday
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    Tap Room will be open at 5pm tomorrow for @bluejays #homeopener. #cometogether
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    Introducing the new and improved Pop-up Shop, with 60x as much seating and baseball on TV! Open til 9pm tonight.
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    We're hosting another Pop-Up Shop at the brewery this weekend and all 8 taps will be flowing.Eephus cans, Maris* cans and Resin Bag bottles in the fridge. Friday 5-9 pm, Saturday 1-9 pm, closed Sunday.
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    Tapped our first cask at the brewery today: Maris* Pale Ale dry hopped with Galaxy. Open 1-9 pm today & Saturday. 6 beers on tap. Eephus tall cans in the fridge. #breweryfirsts #oncask #springtraining
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    Couldn't imagine cracking our first Tallboys anywhere else.
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    Happy long weekend! Fridge fully stocked with Eephus tall cans. Pop-up Shop open Friday & Saturday, 1-9pm
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    Canning day! #breweryfirsts
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    We're ready for you, @sessionscraftcanning
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    Pop-Up Shop & Tap Room will be open this Friday and Saturday for all your Easter beer drinking needs. #springtraining #popupshop
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    "This is a game to be savored, not gulped. There's time to discuss everything between pitches or between innings." -Bill Veeck, MLB. Maris* Pale Ale now pouring at 1 Blue Jays Way, inside the Renaissance Hotel Restaurant & Lounge.
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    Filtration Sundays
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    Next Pop-Up Shop : Friday March 27, 5-9 pm. Limited bottles in the fridge including Bricks & Mortar Coffee Porter and 6-4-3 Double IPA. 7 beers on tap. Closed Saturday & Sunday. #springtraining #popupshop
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    6-4-3 Double IPA making a comeback after more than a year on the DL. Kegged and bottled today, this is just about as fresh as it gets. Pop-up Shop tonight from 5-9 pm, 1-9 pm tomorrow. #springtraining
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    Join us for another Pop-Up Shop at 36 Wagstaff Dr this weekendIn bottles:- Maris* Pale Ale- Bricks & Mortar Coffee Porter – 6-4-3 Double IPA (back in the lineup after a year on the DL) On tap:- Lead Off Single – Maris* – Eephus – Bricks & Mortar – Prospect : Citra – 6-4-3- Lil' Slugger (Northwinds collaboration brew)
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    At long last, Bricks and Mortar Coffee Porter. A collaboration brew featuring @pilotcoffee Single Origin Kenya Kii. Available on tap and in bottles at this weekend's Pop-Up Shop. Check the blog for more info. Friday 5-9 pm / Saturday 1-9 pm#wehavethebestneighbours
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    The Navy Monster, starting to look slick. #buildingabottleshop #buildingataproom #finalstretch
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    So excited to finally welcome our pals, @la_carnita and their incredible Tacos to the East!#eastendforlife #eastsidetilwedie #tacos #craftbeer

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18th March, 2015


When your neighbour is an award-winning micro coffee roaster, you brew a collaboration coffee porter. Too obvious, right? Maybe so, but obvious or not, we’ve been dreaming of brewing a coffee beer with our amazing neighbours, Pilot Coffee Roasters, since day one of our brewery construction project.

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