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    Next Pop-Up Shop : Friday March 27, 5-9 pm. Limited bottles in the fridge including Bricks & Mortar Coffee Porter and 6-4-3 Double IPA. 7 beers on tap. Closed Saturday & Sunday. #springtraining #popupshop
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    6-4-3 Double IPA making a comeback after more than a year on the DL. Kegged and bottled today, this is just about as fresh as it gets. Pop-up Shop tonight from 5-9 pm, 1-9 pm tomorrow. #springtraining
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    Join us for another Pop-Up Shop at 36 Wagstaff Dr this weekendIn bottles:- Maris* Pale Ale- Bricks & Mortar Coffee Porter – 6-4-3 Double IPA (back in the lineup after a year on the DL) On tap:- Lead Off Single – Maris* – Eephus – Bricks & Mortar – Prospect : Citra – 6-4-3- Lil' Slugger (Northwinds collaboration brew)
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    At long last, Bricks and Mortar Coffee Porter. A collaboration brew featuring @pilotcoffee Single Origin Kenya Kii. Available on tap and in bottles at this weekend's Pop-Up Shop. Check the blog for more info. Friday 5-9 pm / Saturday 1-9 pm#wehavethebestneighbours
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    The Navy Monster, starting to look slick. #buildingabottleshop #buildingataproom #finalstretch
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    So excited to finally welcome our pals, @la_carnita and their incredible Tacos to the East!#eastendforlife #eastsidetilwedie #tacos #craftbeer
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    Pop-up Bottle Shop and Tap Room 12-5pm today. Fresh Maris* Pale Ale bottles in the fridge along with a handful of Eephus and Lead Off Single bottles. #springtraining #popupshop #openingabrewery
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    We're hosting another Pop-Up Shop at the brewery this weekend with Spring Training hours from 5-9 pm on Friday and 12-5 pm on Saturday. Fridge is stocked with fresh Maris* Pale Ale bottles and a limited supply of Eephus and Lead Off Single bottles. Our full line-up of beers is available on tap. Bring back your bottles and swap 'em out for something new! More info on the blog. #openingabrewery #popupshop #springtraining #leslieville
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    What a weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped make our first Pop-Up Shop a success! More dates coming soon.#springtraining ・・・Repost @youtruelovethis
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    Fridge is full, kegs are tapped. Pop-up shop kick-offs today at the brewery. Bottle Shop and Tap Room open from 5-9 pm tonight and 1-9 pm tomorrow. #springtraining
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    Here we go! Pop-up Bottle Shop and Tap Room with spring training hours opens this weekend. Lead Off Single, Eephus and Prospect: Citra are all in the fridge and on tap. #openingabrewery #springtraining #leslieville
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    Two brand new beers, brewed right here in our very own brewery. Check out the blog for more info. Link in profile. #webuiltabrewery #buildingabottleshop #buildingataproom #openingdayTBD
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    Meet Mike, our latest free agent signing and the ultimate 5-tool player. We couldn't be happier to have welcomed him to our team this week. #buildingabrewery #expandingroster
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    One year ago today, nearly 1,600 of you gave us a very warm welcome in to our new home in Leslieville. We hope to be able to invite you all back very soon. #openhouse #buildingabrewery #leslieville Photo by @wornoldhat
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    Coming soon to our Bottle Shop. #buildingabrewery#buildingabottleshop #openingdayTBD
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    Swing tops for days. #buildingabrewery #buildingabottleshop #breweryfirsts
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    First filtration run!#buildingabrewery #breweryfirsts
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    We have a lot of shiny new things here at the brewery, but this is a new favorite. #scienceisabouttohappen
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    Early morning tastings. #inprocessbeer #buildingabrewery
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    All in all, a very smooth brew day. #firstbatch #buildingabrewery

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24th March, 2015


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