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    Excited to announce that our first September call-up, Grandstand hoppy wheat is now officially available in the Bottle Shop and Tap Room. 5.5% ABV, 40 IBU650mL bottles – no deposit
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    Sending out a few cases of Eephus today.
  • 11363861_975942402451595_1695082724_n
    Grandstand hoppy wheat now pouring #ONCASK in the Tap Room. Bottles and draught coming soon.
  • 11848980_108182772870167_549539794_n
    Big news! Grandstand Hoppy Wheat launches here in the Tap Room this Saturday and Sunday.
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    Head of security, @leftfieldwrigley watching over yesterday's big delivery. #nationaldogday #bestguarddog
  • 11850373_872852229466955_1753393943_n
    Tight fit but we got them standing. #growingabrewery
  • 11849816_1176775442339902_678621598_n
    Good morning, beautiful. #growingabrewery
  • 11363734_1469534670017970_1586770158_n
    This weekend in the Tap Room, Maris* on Nitro (while it lasts). Eephus, Maris* and Sunlight Park on tap & in the shop.
  • 11313708_1653079338240207_277419085_n
    #TBT to when there three. We've been anticipating the arrival of our new fermenters all summer and we're all so excited that 2 more of these bad boys are due to arrive next week! #morebeer #morevariety #throwbackthursday
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    Beauty day for a ball game. Awesome atmosphere in the Tap Room, cheering on our @bluejays #cometogether Eephus, Maris* and Sunlight Park on tap and in the fridge.
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    The finest finish to #summerfunday2015 Thanks to our amazing team for keeping up with today's intense itinerary. Also, we love you, @bar_volo
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    The feeling is mutual, @wvrst #summerfunday2015 #craftbeer #ontariocraftbeer
  • 11371149_1488592218106692_133247496_n
    Mike (@itsnoonan) may look like he doesn't like corn in this photo. Seconds later, he takes the crown in the corn eating competition. #summerfunday2015
  • 11347807_1630183987228718_796161766_n
    And @corymainland takes the crown at @trackandfieldbar. #kingforaday campaign has really taken off. #summerfunday2015 Photo courtesy of @itsnoonan
  • 11850039_883278361761426_1020078635_n
    A post game favourite, @barhopbar #craftbeer #ontariocraftbeer #summerfunday2015
  • 11373640_966242250095941_247893571_n
    11 games! #sweepsweep #summerfunday2015 #cometogether
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    Pregaming. Thanks to @amsterdambh for the exclusive tour and delicious lunch. #summerfunday2015 #ontariocraftbeer #craftbeer
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    Served by the cask master himself. Get yourself down to the Evergreen Brickworks before 3pm today for some Cask Ales. #ONCASK
  • 11373637_858413660933305_2016384566_n
    Back at it for day 2. Come see us down at the roundhouse. Pouring Eephus, Maris* and Sunlight Park. #RHCBF
  • 11821340_403960953124303_1893500503_n
    #1 Fans of this festival. The good beer folks @SteamWhistle brewing really know how to do it! #RHCBF #craftbeer #ontariocraftbeer

Highlight Reel

6th July, 2015


This morning, Metro news published this article, and this item has now found its way onto the agenda for Wednesday’s City Council meeting. We wanted to express how truly disappointed we are that this has become both a news item and a City Council agenda item. Now that the story has been publicized, we feel it’s important to share the full background in order to provide some much needed context to the story.

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