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    @tobeerfestival – it's like Christmas Eve for beer lovers. Be sure to stop by and say hi, we'll be here all weekend pouring Maris*, Eephus and Sunlight Park. #beerme #lovethisbeer
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    Fun morning at the @niagara_college teaching brewery bottling samples & talking with students.
  • 925330_1525048931048877_643724950_n
    We're documenting our build with time-lapse photos. Seems that Mark has been checking things out.
  • 10518006_629398537167970_2049496337_n
    Introducing… our Lauter Tun! Getting ready to make its cross-Canada journey to us in Leslieville this September #buildingabrewery #seeyousoon
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    Building a brewery step #1: Assemble an all star team. New blog post up at
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    Happy weekend! A few new spots to find our beers in TO; @rollplaycafe @thedockellis @la_carnita @hawthorne_to
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    @bar_volo + Tap J + Big Boi Board + Massey Hall + Rural Alberta Advantage = Date Night
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    How's that for head retention! Sunlight Park Saison now on tap @famosoannex #Regram @michephandroid
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    Hauling empties back to Barley Days to be filled with more Sunlight Park Saison #Roadtrip
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    Final destination @tallboys #BloorcourtCrawlin
  • 10449108_647442968675408_1651156619_n
    Crawlin' our way across bloordale/bloorcourt. First stop, Penny's!
  • 891403_705475086156818_1707062532_n
    Stop no. 2 – Drift #BloorcourtCrawlin
  • 10488711_582406961871832_245219348_n
    The days of home-brewed Eephus test batches #throwbackthursday #TBT
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    Canada #Thebest
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    Things. They're finally happening!
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    Spent our morning with 55 division dusting for prints. Poor Button-o-matic was a casualty of our B&E this weekend :-(
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    Beaches, BBQ, Brews & The Button-o-matic! #ocbweek #eastendforlife
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    Coming this summer to a beer fest near you. Buttons!
  • 10414005_684571568308285_1506597813_n
    Back at it again today! We weren't kidding when we told you that we hand zest 100 organic grapefruits into every batch of Sunlight Park Saison.
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    Jose Reyes bobblehead: Achievement unlocked!

Highlight Reel

11th July, 2014


As many of you know, we announced back in January our plans to build a brewery at 36 Wagstaff Drive in Leslieville. A whopping +1,500 of you came out to our Open House on February 22nd to check out our pre-construction space and to taste our brews. It was an amazing way to kick things off and we felt such a warm welcome to the neighbourhood that day.

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