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    So much variety in the shop this weekend: Eephus, Grandstand, Resin Bag, Maris*, Bricks & Mortar, Sour Ale With Hibiscus
  • Our first kettle sour one-off brew drops today. Sour Ale with hibiscus now in the Bottle Shop & Tap Room. Tart, cranberry, strawberry and deeply floral. 4.0% ABV
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    Hey there old friend, it's been far too long. Resin Bag IPA, now back in the shop and on tap here at the brewery.
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    Drinking beers + record shopping? Yes please! @tinyrecordshop pops-up in Left Field this Sunday.
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    Guess who's back? Resin Bag IPA available tomorrow at 12 noon in the Bottle Shop & Tap Room.
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    Meet Caitlin, one of the Tap Room all stars here at Left Field. Caitlin wants you to know that Resin Bag IPA is officially back! #ONCASK in the Tap Room now until it's gone. Available in the Bottle Shop starting at 12 noon on Tuesday.
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    Happy Friday Junior! This weekend's Bottle Shop and Tap Room lineup includes Maris*, Bricks & Mortar, Grandstand and Eephus.
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    #throwback to receiving this beautiful piece of equipment a couple of months back. It enables us to bottle the same amount that would take us 3 days on the old machine in just 3 short hours. It's magical. This means a more constant supply of bottles in the shop and more variety too! #throwbackthursday #tbt #automation #growingabrewery #meheen
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    This weekend in the Bottle Shop & Tap Room : Bricks & Mortar, Grandstand, Maris* and Eephus#craftbeer #ontariocraftbeer #toronto #leslieville
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    How pretty is this?!#kettlesour #nowwewait #prettyinpink
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    Hour 24 of our first kettle sour. More info coming soon.
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    Leftover candy hanging around? You're not alone. Our spooky #Halloween treat pairings continue today in the tap room. Open 12 – 9pm
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    #ONCASK in the Tap Room right now: Grandstand primed with Starburst! #happyhalloween
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    Happy Halloween! Bricks & Murder + Coffee Crisp, it's as delicious as you'd imagine. Come try all of our spooky treat & beer pairings today in the Tap Room.
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    Team Left Field has the #halloween spirit! #pumpkinparade
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    Zombie Grandstand + Runts? Try this #halloween pairing and others now in our Tap Room. More info on the blog (link in profile)
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    Eeeeeephus + Kit Kat? Aero? The spooky pairings don't end here! Join us in the Tap Room this Friday & Saturday to see what other #halloween treats we've got in store.
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    Strawberry Nerds + The Ghost of Roger Maris* Pale Ale. Join us Friday & Saturday to try this surprisingly tasty pairing and to see what other Halloween treats we've got in store. #halloween #trickortreat #candy #beerpairing
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    We've been having a little too much fun getting ready for Halloween here at the brewery.
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    Today #ONCASK here in the Tap Room: Eephus Oatmeal Brown Ale with Vanilla Bean

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