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    Can we please do this every Sunday? #detoxtoretox
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    Today's cask is Maris* Pale ale dry hopped with Simcoe. Tasting Fresh!
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    This weekend's starting lineup: Sunlight Park, Maris*, Resin Bag & Eephus. Open every day til 9pm.
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    Happy Victoria Day! Tap Room & Bottle Shop open 12-9pm today for all your holiday Monday beer needs.
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    Long weekends call for Eephus Oatmeal Brown Ale #ONCASK with Brazilian @pilotcoffee
  • 11288006_807252712691684_1192630628_n
    This long weekend's starting lineup: Sunlight Park, Resin Bag, Maris* two ways & Eephus.
  • 11262084_1096658687016327_817861356_n
    Anyone else starting their long weekend early? Bottle Shop and Tap Room now open daily, 12-9 pm for all your summer beer needs.
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    Did you know that every batch of Sunlight Park Saison contains 1 Kg of organic grapefruit zest? Thanks to our pals at @greenhousejuice for the loaner fruit. #handzested #freshisbest #brewedthehardway
  • 11236250_825113887543310_1995389744_n
    Big news to start the week. Our favourite Oatmeal Brown Ale has started hitting the shelves of selected Toronto LCBOs! Find it now at Summerhill & Leaside. #eephus #catchesyouoffguard #bigleagues
  • 11240425_1482708818641265_678417640_n
    So @thewrendanforth kitchen staff shows up and now we're shucking oysters with freshly grated horseradish. #DontTellDennis
  • 11236009_895107803878677_1366480664_n
    And we moms.#happymothersday #mothersday
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    Fun times filming at the brewery this morning.
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    The perfect day to skip out early and grab a flight. Our Tap Room & Bottle Shop is now open daily, noon – 9pm.
  • 11205883_826069564146729_313506174_n
    Meet Sarah and Amanda, the latest all-star additions to our growing team. Find their smiling faces in the Tap Room and Bottle Shop, now open daily from Noon – 9pm
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    New hours! Bottle Shop and Tap Room now open daily, noon – 9pm.
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    Bottle Shop & Tap Room open tonight, 5-9pm. Resin Bag, Sunlight Park, Eephus and Maris* in the fridge. 6 beers on tap.
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    It's baaack! Sunlight Park, our Belgian Saison brewed with organic grapefruit zest hits taps around town this weekend. #leslieville #baseballhistory #feelslikesummer
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    Thrilled to be hosting our first Yurt Dinner with neighbours, @theceilicottage tomorrow evening. Only a couple of seats remain. Call 416.406.1301 for tickets.
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    Happy Saturday! Resin Bag, Eephus and Maris* in the fridge. 5 beers on tap. Pop-up shop open til 9.
  • 11191487_460104927490412_152514695_n
    It's Mark's birthday and he's tapping a Cask of Resin Bag to celebrate. Pop-up shop open Friday (tonight) 5-9pm, Saturday 1-9pm

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12th May, 2015


On Sunday May 24th, join School House Booze & 20 Something in Toronto in swapping your brunch plans for a little Sunday stretch. Not convinced? How about a flight tasting of beers to coax you into downward dog?

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