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    #TBT 21 years ago today. "A Swing and a Belt, Left Field, Way Back, Blue Jays Win It!!"
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    Test brew day at Newlands in Abbotsford, BC. Brewhouse is looking good! #buildingabrewery #MadeinCanada
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    Big day at Left Field Brewery! #Buildingabrewery #Leslieville #NewFloors
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    New Blog Post – Construction Update no.2: Permits, Floors & MoreCheck it out at #buildingabrewery #leslieville
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    Introducing batch no. 2 of Prospect IPA, this time featuring Amarillo. Get some while it lasts at @barhopbar @coldteabar @famosoannex @hawthorne_to @hilotoronto @peopleseatery @tallboys @TheOnlyCafe @thewrendanforth @wvrst
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    Brewhouse is almost ready! Just a few more weeks 'til she comes home. #buildingabrewery
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    Get your hiking boots on #beerhike #TBW2014 #riverside #leslieville #1.7km
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    Tomorrow, we hike! 6pm @hilotoronto 7pm Brooklyn Tavern 8pm @hitchlimited 9pm @theceilicottage No cost to join, just show up and grab beers as you please. Great prizes at every stop. #TBW2014
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    We're bringing a little sunshine to this boat. #craftbrewcruise #TBW2014
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    Introducing our latest brew, Prospect Single Hop IPA. More info on the blog at
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    It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Join us this Sunday September 14th as we drink the Danforth dry with friends @GreatLakesBeer, @beausallnatural and @sawdustcitybeer #Repost #Torontobeerweek #TBW2014 #pubcrawl #Danforth #ONCraftBeer #craftbeer
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    It's about to go down #buildingabrewery
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    100 years ago today, the Great Bambino hit his 1st professional home run at Hanlan's Point Stadium in TO #sultanofswat #kingofswing #colosusofclout
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    Mashing in our first ever collab brew with Austin of @granitebrewery. Fresh Cascade Hops from the yard + Ontario peaches. #goodthings #ontario
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    Heading to the @bluejays game tonight? Us too! Grab a pre-game Sunlight Park Saison before it (& summer) is all gone! @loosemooseto @barhopbar @wvrst
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    Love crossing things off the list at our Thursday morning team meetings #buildingabrewery
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    Awesome time at the Round House Craft Beer Fest! Next up is the winter version :)
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    Gorgeous day for a beer festival. Come down to the @steamwhistlebrewing roundhouse and say hi! #RHCBF #lovethisbeer
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    Memories of our rookie festival season. Hope to see all of you again this weekend down at the Roundhouse! Tickets at from @klblakes #TBT #throwbackthursday #RHCBF
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    Cheers to rainy days off & bright, sunshiny beers. #Repost from @famosoannex

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30th September, 2014


When colleague brewers cautioned us that building a brewery would take twice as long and cost twice as much as we had originally planned, we knew there would be some truth to the matter. We hoped with a nervous optimism that our plans would prove to be solid

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