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    Safety first! #forklifttraining #Buildingabrewery
  • 10818018_1556425937903190_1033275867_n
    More walls are coming down today to make room for a taproom and washrooms. In other major developments, we also now have heat and WiFi. #buildingabrewery
  • 10734994_1573180479568718_1341548958_n
    Introducing batch no. 3 of Prospect IPA, this time featuring Dr Rudi, a NZ hop. Rolling out to better beer bars across Toronto this week.
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    Not bad for two days of work! Beauty system from Newlands and amazing job by our rigging team Moonstone Mechanical.
  • 10731841_602024016576343_913022163_n
    Should have bought a Swedish brew house. All we'd need is an Allen key and a few hours. #buildingabrewery #MadeinCanada
  • 10802521_821593834529407_731030774_n
    Standing them up! #lautertun #buildingabrewery
  • 10785055_324843331030996_1900976230_n
    Our brew house.
  • 10802531_342790359224387_1830449528_n
    Seriously impressive driving skills turning a 40' trailer onto Wagstaff Drive. Brewhouse is now on the property! #buildingabrewery
  • 10747867_1521378421435147_88032095_n
    Such a beautiful sight.
  • 10755888_1545998875637288_614507109_n
    Moving week! Starting to look like a brewery. #buildingabrewery #leslieville
  • 10724779_1492541624349465_5789712_n
    A sign that we're getting closer – selecting paint colours. #buildingabrewery
  • 10725120_738048182917641_892034463_n
    @caskdays, it's happening. See you there!
  • 10731584_319513294899594_758664585_n
    #TBT 21 years ago today. "A Swing and a Belt, Left Field, Way Back, Blue Jays Win It!!"
  • 10724668_841622762536301_1766374837_n
    Test brew day at Newlands in Abbotsford, BC. Brewhouse is looking good! #buildingabrewery #MadeinCanada
  • 10598226_298610263656387_1540115485_n
    Big day at Left Field Brewery! #Buildingabrewery #Leslieville #NewFloors
  • 10693639_1493385370922478_579194890_n
    New Blog Post – Construction Update no.2: Permits, Floors & MoreCheck it out at #buildingabrewery #leslieville
  • 10616763_1532994610245553_1569920639_n
    Introducing batch no. 2 of Prospect IPA, this time featuring Amarillo. Get some while it lasts at @barhopbar @coldteabar @famosoannex @hawthorne_to @hilotoronto @peopleseatery @tallboys @TheOnlyCafe @thewrendanforth @wvrst
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    Brewhouse is almost ready! Just a few more weeks 'til she comes home. #buildingabrewery
  • 10693775_611270835656887_1429106602_n
    Get your hiking boots on #beerhike #TBW2014 #riverside #leslieville #1.7km
  • 10666059_645197492264946_1153848726_n
    Tomorrow, we hike! 6pm @hilotoronto 7pm Brooklyn Tavern 8pm @hitchlimited 9pm @theceilicottage No cost to join, just show up and grab beers as you please. Great prizes at every stop. #TBW2014

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9th November, 2014


This week, we’re very happy to bring you batch no. 3 of Prospect featuring Dr Rudi, a New Zealand hop variety. Not only is Dr Rudi an amazing and somewhat hilarious name for a hop, it’s a wonderfully aromatic and flavourful one.

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