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    Must have this
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    Happy 1st birthday to us! Spending the day zesting 200 grapefruits.
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    Baseball is back! #ohcanada
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    LET'S GO BLUE JAYS! #HomeOpener #LoveThisGame #MLB
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    Getting ready for #earthhour @tobeerfestival #beerme #lovethisbeer
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    Coming to @tobeerfestival Spring Session this weekend? We'll be pouring a very fresh batch of Resin Bag IPA alongside Eephus Oatmeal Brown Ale & Maris* Pale Ale. #KeggedOnMarch25 #lovethisbeer
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    Back when it was warm enough in late March to homebrew outdoors. #tbt
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    Fun to stumble across this sign @hitchlimited tonight on stop #2 of our urban beer hike! #toronto #leslieville #craftbeer
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    9 Innings of delicious snacks & $5 beers, none green. See you there? #thetablesetters @insomniarestaurant @adrianforte
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    Hard to believe that it's been a year since we delivered our first ever kegs to @tequilabookworm, @bar_Volo and @TheOnlyCafe. We celebrated that day over a pitcher of Eephus #tbt
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    Dear London craft beer drinkers, more Maris* Pale Ale and Resin Bag IPA will be on tap very soon at @pub_milos with thanks to these two gentlemen. Milo's and Adil were kind enough to squeeze-in a keg pick-up out in Left Field on their recent trip to T.O. True supporters! #ONCraftBeer #craftbeer
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    Pop-up dinner! March 17, The Table Setters 9-inning stadium snack menu by guest chef @adrianforte at @insomniarestaurant $40 +tx +gratuity. $5 Left Field pints. Tickets at or by calling @insomniarestaurant
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    Delicious meal @portrestaurant tonight. Meatloaf Wellington paired with an Eephus Oatmeal Brown Ale.
  • The Table Setters, a pop-up dinner at @insomniarestaurant featuring a 9 inning $40 prix fixe baseball stadium snack style menu by Chef @adrianforte Warm-up includes a sample of Eephus Oatmeal Brown Ale. Details at
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    Thanks @gcbatco for the beauty gift. Let the demolition begin!
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    New blog post over at – Open House Recap (Photo courtesy of @wornoldhat )
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    Thanks for an amazing turnout at our open house yesterday! Major thanks to @BigHousePizza for the delicious pies and @gcbatco for showing their gorgeous bats. Special thanks to our incredible team of family & friends for helping us pull it off!
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    Happy Valentine's Day, beer lovers.
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    3rd place at this year's Hopspiel! Thanks for a great day @crystalluxmore @thewrendanforth @kensingtonbrewingco @CestWhat @theonlycafe
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    It's officially ours! New blog post up at

Highlight Reel

7th April, 2014


Nothing else officially signifies the start of spring for us quite like the home opener does. The series didn’t quite go the way that Toronto fans had hoped, with a 2-1 loss to the New York Yankees.

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