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  • Hailing from Brampton, Ontario, Mark Murphy has been an avid baseball player and fan since his t-ball days. Usually found coaching or playing third base, some of Mark’s favourite beer styles include saisons and IPAs. Mark left his past life as a Chartered Accountant and worked his way through the brewing industry’s farm system. After graduating from Niagara College’s inaugural brewing program and working for Canada’s largest brewery, he opened Left Field Brewery with Mandie in 2013.



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  • Originally from Brampton, Ontario, Mandie can often be found snagging ground balls at second base or meticulously scorekeeping. A fan of sour ales, IPAs and porters, Mandie actually hated beer until the summer of 2010, when she discovered flavourful craft beers. She works tirelessly to craft the Left Field brand with a keen eye and attention to detail.



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  • Hailing from beautiful St. John’s, Newfoundland, Dan has spent most of his life on the island. While not a baseball fan, he prefers spending a few hours making pizza from scratch and sipping on a beer (preferably a Berliner Weisse, Flanders Red or lambic). Dan is a former conservation biologist and avid hiker/mountain biker/snowboarder and once spent three summers living in a tent in the mountains of Northern Labrador collecting data.



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  • Originally from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Andrew is an aging pitcher that can still manage to throw some heat every once in a while – much like his hero, John Smoltz. When it comes to beer, he enjoys them as dank as they come. An expert in all things Canadiana (he even won a timbit eating competition – twice!), he unapologetically enjoys Nickelback and got his first job in brewing by sneaking into production at a notable Niagara brewery and never leaving. Andrew is also a talented cook, specifically in the area of latin food. Need a great Mote Pillo recipe? He’s your man!



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  • Born and raised in Malvern, Ontario, Kevin left the automotive repair industry, pursuing his passion for quality craft beer through a position on the Left Field roster. A ballplayer since the age of four, you can find Kevin on the base path, stretching singles into triples. His ideal paring is 1000+ ft of skiable powder, fresh beer and pizza. When not milling, packaging or graining-out, Kevin is a taste panel all-star with a nose for off-flavours. He’s also been known to spontaneously cut a rug.

    Kevin W


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  • Born in East York and raised in Scarborough, Pat is a chemical engineer who has worked in a variety of jobs, from a bike shop to Toronto Hydro. When he’s not busy on the production floor, you can find him in the stands with a beer, preferably a Berliner Weisse or Oud Bruin. 


    Assistant Brewer

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  • Born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, Davin is a film school graduate, music addict, and foodie connoisseur. Off the production floor, he’s an East York resident, biking across Toronto, hitting up various bars, restaurants and record shops. He loves nothing more than curling up on the couch with an arthouse or foreign film paired with a Belgian Style Ale or Stout.


    Production Assistant

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  • Hauling kegs around the city with a smile, Tory is our super-outgoing man-about-town. He’s a YouTube Auto-Tune rap sensation and a fashion entrepreneur. A country boy who once lived in the Miss Vickie’s (potato chips) barn, Tory has recently come to love big city living and finds his way around the streets of T.O. like a pro.



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  • Patrick is a former gym junky turned craft beer instablogger, hailing from Sault Ste Marie. Having worked in major sales roles for larger companies in the past, you can find Patrick taking good care of our friends and accounts around town – and enjoying sours and dank IPAs in his off time. Follow his adventures through craft beer on Instagram at @craft_connoisseur.

    Patrick T


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  • Tyson hails from the wonderful, used-to-be small town of Bowmanville, Ontario. While a former first baseman in his younger years, he is always up to the challenges of any sport. Having worked in the craft beer industry for several years, he enjoys the regional versatility of saisons and the unique characteristics that come with that style. Tyson is an avid concert-goer and proposed to his fiancé at Riot Fest in 2015.


    Retail Sales Manager

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  • Our favourite American import, Caitlin hails from Lansing, Michigan. While not a ballplayer, she’d much rather take in the game with a beer in hand than hit the field. She enjoys an array of IPAs and a well-made Berliner Weisse and also possesses a world of in-depth coffee knowledge. Caitlin is a cross-stitching master and shares her talent and creativity through a series of interactive classes in Toronto.



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  • Hailing from Perth, Ontario, Tye is the meanest shortstop this side of the DVP. From working on his family’s chicken farm to becoming our all-star delivery driver, you can find him dropping off fresh beer to your favourite bars and restaurants all over the city. When he’s not on the road, Tye enjoys building kegerators and sipping on IPAs and sour ales – but his real weak spot is a well-made porter. 


    Delivery & Customer Service

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  • Originally from Pickering, Ontario, Justin is a second baseman, center fielder, and Prud’homme Certified Beer Sommelier. After working for almost a decade with the tech industry’s largest company, he pursued a new career in the wide world of craft beer. He loves refreshing saisons, tart sours and can’t resist a blistering air-guitar solo.



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  • Hailing from Bobcaygeon, Ontario, where the constellations reveal themselves one star at a time, Amanda plays first-base or catcher and loves a good Berliner Weisse. When not in the tap room serving up smiles and great beer, she is a scorekeeping master, a skill first taught to her by her grandfather.



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  • Mike hails from Crowcombe, Somerset, England, located nowhere near London. New to the game, Mike has discovered a talent for snatching up dingers in the outfield with his “baseball mitten”. He’s a longtime fan of IPAs but has become partial to dry-hopped sours. He has worked in a number of UK craft breweries, honing his skills. He is a dog lover and self-declared “pizza beast” and contrary to popular belief, is most certainly NOT Australian.



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  • Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Emily is an adventure seeker, always on the lookout for the next new experience. While not a baseball player, she loves hanging out in the bleachers with cold beers and enjoying the sunshine. Emily loves the bitter bite and citrus flavours of a well-hopped IPA and is fascinated by the versatility of hops.


    Tap Room & Bottle Shop

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  • Originally from Markham, Kevin is a craft beer fanatic and home brewer who has pretty much worked every job from tech journalist to dog walker. He enjoys saisons, sours and any style with bright tropical, citrus flavours.  When he’s not serving up beers and great conversations in our Tap Room, or DJing house music, you can find him in the stands taking in a ball game (or subbing in at catcher).

    Kevin P

    Tap Room & Bottle Shop

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  • Hailing from Brampton, Ontario, Ricardo is a power hitter, agile shortstop and a scourge of the gridiron. When he’s not in the tap room mesmerizing guests with his smile, you can find him in the gym or sipping on the darkest beer he can get his hands on. An avid traveller, Ricardo loves exploring new places and has spent the last three New Year’s Eves in a different time zone.


    Tap Room & Bottle Shop

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  • Hailing from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Danielle is a former high school pitching legend turned beer league third base superstar. When she’s not at the brewery serving up perfect pours in the Tap Room or out at events, you can find her camping and portaging or immersed in the competitive backgammon circuit – all while sipping on tasty IPAs or saisons.


    Tap Room & Bottle Shop

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  • Born and raised in Toronto, Sav is a former outfielder and rookie ball coach with a passion for IPAs and a newfound love for sours. Her career as a ballplayer was sidelined suddenly by a cake decorating injury, but that doesn’t stop her from cooking up delicious BBQ for family and friends – or obsessing over Tom Cruise and indie horror flicks.


    Tap Room & Bottle Shop

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  • Born in Markham, Ontario, Jeff is a beer league center fielder that knows how to get on base. While always up for an IPA, he loves a fresh, sessionable beer on long days biking around the city and hanging out with friends. On top of being an avid hockey player and snowboarder, Jeff was also a one-time participant in a bartending competition – making him a highly qualified member of our Tap Room team.


    Tap Room & Bottle Shop

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  • Born and raised in downtown Toronto, Emily usually prefers cheering her team on from the bleachers, but has discovered that she is a talented catcher. Her favourite beer styles include brown ales, stouts and porters. She is also an abstract artist and is currently experimenting in the medium of tap dance painting.

    Emily G

    Tap Room & Bottle Shop

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