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COVID-19 Brewery Updates

Tuesday March 17, 2020

In support of social distancing efforts we are temporarily offering free delivery to Toronto residents with M4, M5, M6 and M8 postal codes for all orders over $50.

How it works:
– Place an order of $50 or more through our online fan shop – If your postal code starts with M4, M5, M6 and M8, delivery is FREE!
– Orders placed by 9am will receive same day delivery between 11am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Don’t forget…
– To receive your beer, you’ll need to be home during the delivery window. One delivery attempt will be made and if we can’t complete the delivery, the order will be returned to the brewery for pickup between 11am – 9pm daily.
– For those in condos and apartments since we’re delivering beer, we cannot leave your order with your concierge. We will call you prior to arrival. Please come downstairs to meet our team member outside
– All orders must be received by the person who ordered and ID must be presented (through glass is a-ok)
– In an effort to avoid disappointment, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate specific delivery time requests within the 11am – 6pm window

Live outside these postal codes? Don’t worry – we also offer $10 flat rate shipping on all orders over $50!

Monday March 16, 2020

Dear Friends and Fans,

Knowing that social distancing is the only available measure to effectively curb the spread of COVID-19, we will are;

– Closing the Tap Room and cancelling all events until further notice
– Postponing all new beer releases until further notice
– Keeping the Bottle Shop open for to-go sales from 11am – 9pm
– Keeping the Online Fan Shop open for beer home delivery
– Continuing to proceed with all newly implemented sanitization and safety efforts
– Continuing to monitor and follow advice from public health officials

For the safety of our team and community, we beg that you please do not visit the brewery if your health is not confidently 100%. 

As with most of you, we’ve never before faced a crisis of this magnitude. Every decision that each of us makes can have enormous repercussions. Determining what ‘doing the right thing’ means without as much guidance as we would like to be receiving from public health officials has been a balancing act and trying to say the least. We’d like to thank our wonderful community for their trust and outpouring of support in times of such uncertainty. Be safe, healthy and look out for one another. We will all get through this together.

– Team Left Field

Friday March 13, 2020

Hey everyone.

We’d like to share an update on how life at the brewery will look during this time of care and caution as COVID-19 becomes a part of our community reality for the time being. We’re closely monitoring COVID-19 updates, especially those from Toronto Public Health (TPH), who are in constant consultation with provincial and federal counterparts.  At the brewery, here are a few of the current actions we are taking to keep public health and safety a top priority:

– The brewery will remain open at our regular hours of 11am-11pm Thursday to Saturday and 11am-9pm Sunday to Wednesday until further notice
– We have reduced the capacity of people in the building at any given time to allow for more physical space between guests and employees
– We are not currently accepting cash in our Tap Room – only debit and credit payments, and will not be running tabs
– Wall-mounted Tap Room menus will be used in place of hand-held paper menus
– Hand-washing protocols have been increased for all team members. We’ve added TPH hand-washing signage throughout the brewery and are providing hand sanitizer in multiple locations throughout theTap Room
– Self-serve water glasses, coasters, table talkers, flight cards and pencils have been temporarily removed
– Surfaces and equipment including tabletops, stools, payment terminals, POS systems and door handles and knobs will be frequently sanitized using single-use sanitizing wipes in place of sprays and rags
– Our recently announced can snap-top sorting and re-use program has been temporarily paused
– Mandated work-from home measures for non front-line and production employees
– Educational resources have been provided to team members to easier identify symptoms alongside a mandate to stay home should they become symptomatic or be in close contact with others who are symptomatic
– We have also increased paid sick and emergency leave benefits for our employees to help support those who may need to self-quarantine, seek treatment or care for a loved one
– The postponement of the MLB regular season and concerns about COVID-19 have led us to make the difficult decision to delay our First Pitch Home Opener events until the eventual start of the season.
– Lastly, our Online Fan Shop and Boozer page will both remain open and are great options to receive beer deliveries directly to your home. $10 Flat rate shipping continues to apply to all orders over $50

We understand how unpredictable things can be during this time and we feel it too. But as in life and baseball, if we work together, good things can happen. See you at the brewery –  and hopefully soon – for the first pitch of a new season. Until then, be safe, healthy, and take care of one another.

– Team Left Field

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